Sign Up Genius

Volunteer signup:  Below is the link for the sign up genius for events and meet volunteers. Please make sure to volunteer as we have a very small team and need everyone to step up!!!


No Experience Necessary:
  • Timer: We supply nine or more timers at every meet. Working in groups of three, the timers time swimmers in each event, with one timer recording the scores.
  • Marshal: Two marshals stand “guard” at the swimmers’ team area. They are responsible for making sure the swimmers get to the clerk of course on time. They also make sure the swimmers are being respectful and quiet during the start of events. In addition, confused children can go to the marshals for help.
  • Concessions Worker: Concessions is an important area for our swim team as that is where we make most of our money. VERY IMPORTANT: We always need someone to grill hamburgers and hot dogs during the home meets!
Some Experience/On-the-Job Training Helpful:
  • Clerk of Course: The clerk organizes the swimmers in one area, seeding them in order of the lanes they will swim. Working with the marshal, the clerks ensure that each event lines up on time and that the timers receive the time cards. Each meet requires two clerks to run efficiently. There is training available through the NVSL, but we would be happy to train you at our own pool.
  • Head Timer: Each team provides a head timer; they work closely to coordinate all the lane timers. They collect scores; check them, and when all is clear, they signal to the referee that the next event may begin. Like the clerk of course, there is NVSL training, but we can train you at our home meets.
  • Announcer: Announces the events, the results of each event, and the score on Saturday; also makes other pertinent announcements. Some experience as an announcer is very helpful.
  • Computer Input: All scores are recorded on the computer and used for several reasons. Place stickers with name and recorded times can be printed for the ribbon writer. In addition, the scores are sent to the NVSL. This is done utilizing the software provided by the league. Training is provided by NVSL prior to the season, or we can provide training at our pool.
  • Ribbon Writer: At Saturday meets, the print outs come from the computer person and are placed on the appropriate ribbons. On Mondays, the ribbon writer hand writes the scores and makes sure that everyone receives a ribbon, whether it is a place or a competitor ribbon.
  • Time Recorder: This Monday/Saturday job involves receiving all the score cards, placing them in order and relaying information to the ribbon writer, scorer, and computer person.
  • Scorer: This is a Saturday meet job only. They keep score of how many points the teams earn based on their placement in the races.

Formal Training Required:

  • Referee: This job requires training provided by NVSL prior to the season. The referee runs the meet, troubleshoots problems and makes the final call on rule violations.
  • Starter: This also requires pre-meet training by NVSL. The starter calls for the swimmers to prepare to swim using whistles and buzzers.
  • Stroke and Turn Judge: Several NVSL-trained judges are needed at each meet. They watch the swimmers and consult with the other judges as needed to fill out the disqualification (DQ) slips, which are in turn given to the coaches.